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Tramin is the wine-growing village of the South Tyrol

In the viticultural village of Termeno, the Gewuerztraminer has an important role to play, as it is an autochtonous wine that is also reflected in the name of the village itself.

Tramin is the wine-growing village of the south of South Tyrol and its history is strongly connected with viticulture.

In Termeno, viticulture is a genuine enjoyment that is lived by its inhabitants and it is also part of an authentic way of life, without any exaggerated ritual. This is why at the Ansitz Romani we want to share our passion for wine with our guests. In the Taberna Romani we would be pleased to recommend to you top wines predominantly from South Tyrol, or some specially selected exquisite wines from major wine-making countries such as Italy or France.

Tramin, wine growing village

Tramin is the home of the famous white wine gewürztraminer.

There is hardly any place that has a history that is connected closer to viticulture than it is Termeno. The cultivation of the vineyards, the harvesting of the grapes and the pressing of the wine still today define the course of the year and the focus of people in Termeno.

The village is located at 276 m asl and includes the villages of Sella, Ronchi and Termeno. The landscape round the village of 3.000 people is characterised by a rather Mediterranean vegetation and above all by the vineyards, where also the famous grapes of the Gewuerztraminer wine thrive.

The most bizar event taking place in Termeno is the “Egetmann”,which is a carnival event incuding several quirky figurines such as the “Egetmann Hansl”. It is a very old tradition that has stood the test of time and that is documented in the local museum of Termeno. However, the inhabitants of the village are proud of it and really passionate when it comes to preparing it.

Wine events

Numerous events taking place in Tramin focus on the topic of wine.

Guided vineyard tours, wine cellar tours with tasting, hiking weeks or events relating to the topic of wine, a wine safari along the South Tyrolean Wine Route and gourmet cycling tours that take you through vineyards, from one wine cellar to the next - our accommodation in Termeno makes you experience the world of wine in various ways.

Together with Tramin tourist association, we offer you a number of activities and events relating to the topic of "wine" all year round.

  • guided tours of vineyards
  • tours of wine cellars with tasting
  • hiking weeks or events relating to the topic of wine
  • wine safari
  • leisurely cycle tours

Sabine and armin are pleased to help you in planning your leisure and can also register you for the events that are offered.

Impressions of the wine culture around Tramin