The pernstich family

Proud to present you the host's family.

The Romani residence is a family-run business.

The Romani residence is a family-run business, run by me, Armin, host and chef de cuisine, and my life companion Sabine. But I do not only juggle with kettles and pans in the kitchen of the Taberna Romani restaurant, but I am also a passionate gardener in our green oasis, the Romani Garden. In addition, I am responsible for any other kind of unforeseen problems in the residence. And last but not least I work in agriculture, viticulture and apple growing are my passion and work all in one.

Sabine, the woman on my side, cares for our guests, responding to their demands. In the morning she welcomes you at our breakfast buffet, she looks after rooms and service in the accommodation.

Finally, also our kids contribute to the success of our accommodation: Dominik, Vivienne and Yuri. Dominik studies Enology and Viticulture. Vivienne dedicates herself to arts in the Artistic Lyceum of Bolzano, while your youngest son, Yuri, visit the Agricultural Institute of Ora.