Romani garden

Dive in and recharge your batteries

In the Mediterranean garden Romani – surrounded by Mediterranean plants such as palms, oleander and olive trees – relaxation of body and mind is easy.

Mediterranean way of life in the Romani garden

In the idyllic garden of the Asitz Romani you will find sunny and shady places to relax and unwind. The garden is magical with a combination from southern plants such as oleander, calycanthus, persimmon and palm trees alongside native plants. Providing a unique atmosphere, that captivates all visitors.

Relaxation for body and soul

The fantastic view and the pleasant peacefulness also have a well-being effect, which makes the time in the garden Romani fly by. Dedicate your time in this pleasant atmosphere to reading a book, let your mind wander, make plans for the following day, make the most of the time together or enjoy an exquisite drop of wine. Welcome to the garden Romani.


Well-being for body and mind

Allow yourself time-out and relax through a yoga-session in garden Romani in the fresh air with an amazing view.

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The new natural pool at Ansitz Romani...

an oasis of harmony and joy. Enjoy the warm temperatures in combination with a dreamlike view at the pool and embark on a journey of absolute relaxation. Be excited about unforgettable experiences between the old walls of Ansitz Romani and a dreamlike paradise in the green.

natural pool