Menu restaurant Taberna Romani

We cook differently, we cook with love!


Tartare from beef, kohlrabi, horserradish mousse, mustard mayonnaise   -21,00.-

Pulled calf, homade brioche, mint, smoke cream, capers, fermented celery - 20,00.-

Scallop, pumkin, sour cream, lemon, sepia chip - 21,00.-

Cestnut foam soup, house smoked salmon trout -17,00.-



Risotto with spruce , homemade bacon, mushrooms, apple -18,00.-

Homemade Cavatelli, deer stew, wild berries foam - 20,00.-

Homemade chestnut ravioli, cheese fondue, black truffle -20,00.-


Main course

Bullfish, eggplant, spinach, chickpea -33,00.-

Lamb, "Schupfnudel", parsnip, red cabbage -33,00.-

Calf, sweet potato, green beans, sprout cabbage, charterelles -33,00.-



Chocolate mousse, pear an their ice cream -14,00.-

Buttermilk terrine, cassis ice, chocolate hippe  -14,00.-

Three sorts flavours of sorbets -9,00.-