Menu restaurant Taberna Romani

We cook differently, we cook with love!


Octopus, peas, confit peppers, broccoli  -18,00.-

Tyrolean tartare of beef, smoked cream, beetroot, radish, mustard seed, bread chip - 18,00.-

Pickled Traminer asparagus, goat cheese, fermented walnut, pistachio, onion - 17,00.-

 Consommé of bullfish, prawns, vegetable julienne -17,00.-



Risotto with wild garlic, red mullet, forest fruits -18,00.-

Homemade Cavatelli, green and white asparagus - 17,00.-

Homemade oxtail ravioli, chard, cheese -18,00.-


Main course

Bullfish, saffron-potatoes puree, green and white asparagus, tomatoes -32,00.-

Lamb, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, spinach, olives -32,00.-

Beef steak, parsley root, carrots a l´acienne, green onion -33,00.-



Strawberry mousse with chocolate, rhubarb, sour cream ice cream -14,00.-

Cream from ricotta and elderberry, black berries, mint sorbet, chocolate hippe -14,00.-

Three sorts flavours of sorbets -9,00.-