The chef

From mrs resi to herbert hintner,

the legend begins

Armin Pernstich

Armin started very early to stir in saucepans and got interested in what bubbles and sizzles where for how long. Young Armin often watched Mrs Resi, the cook back then, at his parents’ hotel. It was then when his passion for the art of cooking was sparked and continues to this day. Aged 25, Armin decided to further his knowledge in this area and started at the Steinbock in Villandro – a top address for fine dining – under the management of Wolfgang and Helene Kerschbaumer. Following this, Armin went the assist Herbert Hintner at the Rose in Appiano sulla Strada del Vino. He then changed to Baldo Arno at the Gasthof Rose inn in Cortaccia sulla Strada del Vino, also haute cuisine. After that, Armin worked for Martin Fauster at the Königshof hotel in Munich. Armin has been host and chef the cuisine of the restaurant Taberna Romani since 2011. There he utilises all his experiences and creates unique taste sensations, which are a treat even for the finest of palates. Quality not quantity is important to him and he puts great emphasis on fresh products.

If Armin doesn’t cook then he spends his leisure time outdoors skiing, cycling or hiking. Honesty is something he feels very strongly about.


The high quality requirements regarding regional and seasonal products are the basis of the fine cuisine in the taberna romani.

The chef de cuisine and host Armin puts great emphasis on the high quality of products that he uses in his kitchen. He sets the focus on seasonal, regional and last but not least on the way of cultivation, that is to say biologic products. 
His fine plates reflect his way of thinking and in this way he earns much appreciation also by gourmets from all over. After all, Armin has been taught by the crème de la crème of the chef de cuisines.

"I aim ar preparing my own creations and sophisticated classical dishes from the regional cuisine based on seasonal, high-quality organic raw products from South Tyrol and the province of Trentino. The original own taste of the raw product is enhanced and emphasised in the overall composition of the dishes through gentle cooking methods."

Armin Pernstich

Host and chef de cuisine